7 Engagement Session Poses that Work

Hello Gorgeous !

As a wedding photographer based out of Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas, I meet a lot of couples whos biggest fears are ” how do we pose”?  Don’t worry ya’ll I got you !

Posing …. Yikes!! Here we go with that word again! I know after yesterday’s tips you are feeling more confident 🙂  Here are some of my “go to “ engagement session  and wedding poses that are fun, romantic, and spark candidness when it may not naturally occur !

1- The “almost kiss “Get as close to kissing without kissing, creates such romance! Don’t you agree?

This pose can be used for your engagement session and wedding !



2- “The Walk “you have seen it 100 times, you know walk towards the camera? Instead try this instead of just walking towards the camera, walk like you are drunk! I guarantee you will loosen up and be more genuine!

Alicia and Joe’s engagement session was captured while I was visiting Honolulu Hawaii, being they are locals, they were able to find a beach that wasn’t over- crowded, and  wow just wow! When I instructed Joe and Alicia to walk towards me, they were very stiff, then I said, “ok let’s do that again, this time pretend your drunk”. This image was a result of that, genuine emotions.


3- “The Almost Twirl pose

I usually direct my couples to almost twirl, that way they don’t get dizzy, I do this by directing my couples to hold hands up high and then I direct the bride and 1/2 twirl.


4- “Strike a Pose” Let’s see your curves!

This builds on my recent post – The foundations of posing 

Colena  has great posture, her weight is shifted, and her hands are purposely placed.


5- “The Hug “Wrap your arms around your love! Does not matter who is hugging who!


6- “Hand on face”

Look at the connection between Colena and Brandon for their engagement session, having your hand on your love, brings you closer.



7- “Kiss the hand” Ok I am such a romantic! I love this pose

My goal with every wedding, and every engagement session , is for everyone involved to have fun and create images that we both are proud of.

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