Abigail and Chance’s Big Springs Park Huntsville Alabama engagement session

December 29, 2020

Big Springs Park Huntsville Alabama engagement session.

As a wedding photographer based out of Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas, I meet a lot of couples that are so much in love, it radiates from them! Abigail and Chance were definitely one of those couples and I simply adore them and their very apparent love for one another. We certainly got a gift from above at their engagement session at Big Springs Park, Huntsville Alabama in the form of the annual Tinsel trail, and of course the amazing sunset !

How they met

Abigail had always dreamed of having her prince charming and when she met Chance at the Cullman Alabama high school in the 10th grade, she knew instantly she had found him! Chance was basically on his own, and Abigail and her family took him under their wing. They all adored him since day one!

Big Springs Park Huntsville Alabama

The Proposal

After 6 years of dating, this past August, Chance took Abigail out on a date to her favorite Chinese restaurant (this was their first date in months due to the Covid lockdown) The ordered take out, and went on a picnic to the local park in the center of Cullman Alabama, where they are both from. After finishing their food, Chance pulled out his fortune cookie, in which he read out loud, “your present plans are going to succeed if you stick to them.”

Big Springs Park Huntsville Alabama

The next stop on their date was going to Abigail’s favorite bakery where Chance got her some chocolate petite fours, and a vase full of fresh flowers. On the way back, Chance said he had to stop to pick up a hammer, but returned empty handed in which Abigail became suspicious, but still did not suspect what was about to occur. They headed back to Abigail’s house, in which Chance said he needed to show her something. With the help of both families working together, while Chance had taken Abigail out for their date, they had built a teepee out of bamboo and had decorated it so beautifully with twinkling lights and flowers.

As Chance and Abigail walked to the back yard, their song was playing, an Abigail started to cry. Chance stopped her beneath the teepee and that’s when Abigail noticed both their families watching and anxiously waiting, Chance got down on one knee and asked for her to marry him, and she said yes, just as both their families swarmed them with lots of hugs and love. This meant the world to them as both their families were there working together and supporting them.

The Engagement Session

We decided to do the engagement session at Big Springs Park in Huntsville, Alabama, it was 3 weeks before Christmas and was decorated beautifully, there was even a Christmas tree alley that we were able to capture in the images. The red bridge is just a wonderful added feature, the red really enhanced the session with a pop of color as Abigail and Chance danced.

We walked all around the park, and the and the endless possibilities for photos, of course the springs, and the Huntsville museum of art. and ending our session in the Christmas tinsel trail tree. If you have never seen and walked around the Big springs park, Huntsville, Alabama tinsel trail, its beautiful, and a must see and experience !I know we will make it s tradition for years to come!

I absolutely loved getting to know both of them throughout their session and am looking forward to seeing them again soon!

Abigail and Chance are hoping to get married this spring, in a small intimate setting near their home in Cullman Alabama. I genuinely love what I do, meeting this adorable couple just puts the icing on the cake! I would love to get to know you and be part of your love story. Reach out for a quick chat!



Big Springs Park Huntsville Alabama engagement session