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Advice from past brides

I asked some of my recent brides, if they had to do anything different for their wedding what would it be? Here is a list of advice from past brides in the Nashville area.

1- We wish we had a first look!

“ We didn’t want to do a first look even though Charlene had highly recommended due to our wedding day timeline, I was so excited and looking forward to seeing the look on Joe’s face as I walked down the aisle towards him, expecting tears and all the things you see in the movies, what I saw was nothing like I thought or imagined…. Joe had a look of sheer panic on his face and was wiping the sweat from his face! I highly recommend doing a first look if the ONLY reason to NOT do one is to see your fiancé cry. We ended up rushing for pictures before it got dark outside. Charlene did capture the most amazing sunset pictures ever and we cherish them deeply.”


2- We wish we had not wasted so much money on invitations!

“I honestly could have cared less about how fancy our invitations were, but my mom insisted that we go to the fancy stationary shop in town. Yes, they were very pretty, but cut into our budget a little too much.”


3- We wish we had hired a professional DJ

“We really thought that since we were having a small wedding, a DJ was not necessary. Boy where we wrong! Things got chaotic, and we were not sure when we were supposed to cut the cake, do our dances, and our guests left before I did my bouquet toss! Getting the right vendors will make your day so much less stressful! ”


4- Smaller guests list!

“We had over 250 guests, the day flew by and we didn’t get to thank everyone!”


5- Wasted money on a photo booth

“Our DJ had a package that included a photo booth, we thought everyone would have a blast with it and we would use the pictures as their favors, only 8 guests used it total! Charlene and Dawn got so many fun candid shots of my guests dancing and having fun that we used those pictures instead.”


6- I wish we would have done what we wanted and taken Advice from past brides 

“We had way too many opinions on what we should do, that we allowed our family and friends to talk us out of a lot of things that we would have liked. I wanted a popcorn bar, but Mike’s parents said it would be tacky….”


7- Done less DYI!

“ I really thought we would have saved money by doing a lot of stuff ourselves, well I am a perfectionist and ended up spending twice as much because I didn’t like the first round of favors I made, then our center pieces didn’t turn out the way we thought and looked terrible! Last minute we were running around trying to get a florist to make them! “


8- Drank less

“We started way too early in the day drinking, during my ceremony I couldn’t remember my vows and started laughing uncontrollably!”

9- Different bridal party Advice from past brides 

“We picked our friends over family and this caused hard feelings that continues 3 years later! Friends come and go but family is forever … include your siblings!”


10- Enjoy our food!

“ If I had 1 regret it was that we didn’t get to enjoy our food, we were so busy trying to talk to everyone and making sure our guests were enjoying themselves, that we each took about 2 bites of our dinner! We spent days trying to decide on our menu and we were looking forward to the food!”


I just love my Brides and am so honored to have captured their weddings and gave them an experience beyond pictures.

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