Choosing a wedding date

Choosing a wedding date can be challenging! Let’s face it, the second anyone finds out that you are engaged the first question they ask is “have  you chose your date yet?” setting you in an immediate panic! I know it did for me ! If you are not sure what to consider when choosing a Wedding date,  here are a few suggestions.

As a Wedding Photographer in the Nashville, TN area and beyond, I have photographed weddings on almost every day of the week, except for Tuesday and Wednesday. These dates were so special to the couple that it didn’t matter the day of the week. Here are a few suggestions on how to choose a wedding date if your are struggling.

1- Choosing a Wedding date that is symbolic:

Wouldn’t it be great to get married on your anniversary of your first date, or date he proposed? Or on your grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary? Stacey and Rob did just what I mentioned.. they chose to have their wedding on a Monday , yes a Monday, in December…. why? This was their 10 year anniversary of when they first met. Obviously this date was very special to them and they did not want to wait for it to land on a weekend. I could certainly tell the history of their dates were important for them,  dating memorabilia was everywhere, from the movie stubs that Stacey saved from EVERY movie her and Rob had every went to together , from the dried up flowers in a shadow box, given to her by Rob on date two.

2- Choosing a wedding date by season:

Sometimes it’s as simple as I don’t like the heat, so we are getting married in February, or my fiancé is a teacher, so we chose July to ensure we would have time for a honeymoon. I have seen a trend of winter weddings the last few years with holiday decorations that are beautiful! One of my brides said they picked Fall because burgundy is her favorite color and she always dreamed of that color scheme.

3- Choosing a wedding date by the availability of your favorite Venue

Another good place to start is by visiting Venues, you may have a date in mind, but that may not work for the Venue that you both fell in love with. For instance, mine and my husband’s date was originally June 21, but our venue did not have that available, so we opted for a Friday wedding (the 20th) because we so loved the venue.

4- Choosing a wedding date based off Honeymoon

Many couples also chose their wedding date based on where they want to go on their honeymoon. For instance, if your dream honeymoon is a cruise to the Bahama’s then getting married in August may not be the best choice as it is hurricane season.

5- Choose wisely

Remember this is the date that you will celebrate every year for the rest of your lives. Do you want to celebrate your anniversary in the winter, with weather so unknown? Or do you like the idea of celebrating your anniversary by the beach? If you choose a date close to the holiday season, will your anniversary be overshadowed with all the busyness of the holidays?

Keep in mind what is important to one another through the process, and compromise if needed, once you choose a date that the two of you agree on, the fun begins 😊

Happy planning!

I would love to chat if you need any direction! Sometimes an unbiased opinion helps, just ask away! Chat soon !

Choosing a wedding date