Questions to ask a potential DJ for your Wedding

The food was amazing and after a minor discombobulation at the introductions, its smooth sailing the rest of night… right?

As a Wedding Photographer for many years, I have photographed several weddings in which the couple decided to cut corners when hiring a DJ, or opted to have a friend play music ! There were many awkward moments of silence in between songs, and the couple were unaware of what to do or say. I felt myself wanting to crawl under the nearest table, instead of leaving the couple or guests hanging, either I or my assistant helped with the flow and even MC’ed the introductions ! Here are a few DJ’s that we have interviewed in the Nashville area that have helped us with questions to ask and what answers you should be looking for.

When deciding to hire a professional DJ for your wedding there are several questions you can ask to help in your decision. We asked some of the best and well-respected  Nashville Tennessee area DJ companies to offer some input and to answer some basic questions you might have. First, let us return to the opening scenario and give you a more in depth look at an actual wedding and the result.

Murph was very polite and although wearing jeans and boots, not much was thought about it because he was, in truth, inexpensive. What was not considered were two things: Did he have a great music selection? and could he coordinate the events as they flowed through the evening? In short, the answer to both was simple, no he could not. Responsively, a millennial server came to the rescue and literally played music off his I Phone to accommodate the crowd that was growing impatient with an inadequate selection to get the party started!


Blair from Nashville Party Authority  offers this insight:

“For those who are leaning toward the do it yourself approach I respectfully ask you to consider the following:

What kind of atmosphere do you want to present at your reception?

By the time of the reception the bride and groom have had their fair share of planning sessions, phone conferences, emails, invitations and… whew! The list goes on and on! The last things they want to do are to manage a reception itinerary and pour over hundreds of tunes. Instead they want to relax, interact with guests and most of all HAVE FUN! A true professional DJ will customize a wedding itinerary to your liking, facilitate the formalities (formal announcement of the couple, cake cutting, bouquet & garter toss, formal dances) and transition the atmosphere from formal to party with professional courtesy, expertise and flare.

Is it important to you that your guests dance?

The do it yourself approach favors a more informal atmosphere featuring background music where dancing and entertainment are not top priorities. While most people have their own personal and unique taste in music only an experienced professional commands a vast knowledge of the many different genres and the know-how to incorporate them in such a way as to appeal to all the age groups attending (everyone from your friends, to your 75 year old grandfather, to your teenage brother and sister) and most importantly use that expertise to motivate your guest to the dance floor and keep them there for the duration of the event.

Keep in mind a seasoned, professionally trained wedding DJ embraces all aspects of our skill set such as visual presentation, state of the art sound, mastery of audio gear and mix techniques.  He or she should also be a confident, proficient public speaker.

Certainly, your wedding day is your day and the correct way of doing things is the way you want them done. Remember all disc jockeys are not equal. Motivating people to dance, filling a dance floor and sustaining it is an art that takes years of professional experience to master.”

We asked DJ Who_  (Tom Covington) 10 questions to guide you and help us put the best possible information in front of you as you search for a professional DJ.

  1. How would you describe your level of interaction and dress code on the wedding day?

Interaction is tailored to the requested experience as well as the dress code. I tailor my DJ experience and dress code to match the theme of the day. The 3 options are rustic, elegant, or club/excitement.

  1. Will you personally be doing the event and if not, can we meet who will be doing it ahead of time?

I do most of my events personally, over 90%. Only when multiple events fall on the same day, events are referred to the internal network. This is also great for an emergency which ensures every event will have a DJ even in        cases of extreme scenarios.

  1. What kind of equipment do you bring?

The equipment is constantly evolving and is tailored to the event as well. Lighting is based on the requested experience and design to match the theme of the wedding.

  1. Will you be available to assist with a playlist before the event?

I use a specialized software for planning and coordination. Each couple receives a login credential for their wedding and music planning

  1. What makes you successful with coordinating the receptions events?

Everything flows to schedule from the prep forms completed prior to the event unless changes are made day of. All changes are announced for proper coordination.

  1. What do you do to motivate a crowd?

Upon request I provide LED foam sticks to add a party atmosphere. MC hype is only present during events of the type.

  1. Is there anything we did not cover that you would like to add about your service?

My service is tailored to the event. Many DJs attempt to provide a one-sized fits all approach that simply does not work. I also own all my own special effects to include the sparkler fountains. Furthermore, I also provide a          photo booth service that integrates in the guest’s social medias. It is a great way to spread the wedding hashtag. Base packages start at only $700, a steal for the price.

Thank you, Tom for the great input from a well-respected DJ ! So, as you can see, there are many options available to you when deciding on your day and Tom and Blair can make it VERY stress free! Put your confidence in a specialist……. You will be glad you did!

Have a blessed day,