Something Borrowed

May 12, 2020

As a Wedding Photographer in the Nashville, TN area for many years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many Bride’s, I will always remember Sarah and Steve and their day.

Sarah’s story

Sarah reached out to me about a year before her wedding day, just as she started to book her vendors. We chatted via Skype, in which turned out to be for over an hour! You know when you just hit it off with someone right off the bat? We sure did! In chatting with her I learned that her parents had both died, her mom 1 year prior and her dad just recently. As she showed me her parent’s wedding album, her eyes filled with tears. Flipping through the pages, she mentioned that she will be wearing her Mother’s veil, and will be carrying her Dad’s handkerchief, that he wore in his tux pocket on their wedding day. Sarah and Steve knew it was going to be extremely emotional on their wedding day, and they wanted to make sure that their photographer was supportive and just as  sentimental as they were.

Sarah and Steve got married in December on a Monday as it would have been her parent’s 35th wedding anniversary, they considered this date the first of “something borrowed “on their wedding day. Walking into the bridal suite at The Hilton, in Nashville, I could feel the emotions in the room. Sarah was with her aunt Patricia (her mom’s sister) holding hands as they both prayed, with tears streaming down their faces, Patricia was telling Sarah how  proud her parents would have been of her on this day. Sarah’s Aunt Patricia was her matron of honor just as she was to Sarah’s mom 35 years earlier.  These in between moments like these tell every couple’s unique story and capturing them candidly is such an honor.

As the veil that her mom had worn on her wedding day was placed on her head, Sarah could not help thinking how her mom would have felt on her day. She asked her aunt “was my mom nervous?” A gentle smile from her aunt was all that she needed to assure her that her mom had the same butterflies 35 years earlier.


Sarah’s Uncle (her Dad’s brother) entered the bridal suite, as Sarah turned to look at him, his eyes filled with tears, he would be the one walking Sarah down the aisle in place of her Dad. Sarah wrapped her Dad’s handkerchief around the stem of her flowers and said, “Let’s do this thing!”


Entering the Chapel arm in arm with her uncle walking her down the aisle towards her groom, the organist played “ I can’t help falling in love with you “ , yes she borrowed her parent’s love song ,the same song her mom walked down the aisle 35 years earlier.

Sarah and Steve had an amazing wedding day filled with laughter and tears, I know I will never forget their day, and I am so blessed that they Sarah shared her story and wedding journey with me by her side.