Styles of Wedding Photography -Editing

Different Styles of wedding photography – editing

As a Nashville TN wedding photographer, my style of wedding photography starts with my approach as discussed in a previous blog, then enhanced through my editing process, to complete  my style for an image.  I am aware that you probably have no idea what certain styles of wedding photography exist or how to choose! I always say you choose whatever style speaks to you, whatever style that you can envision as your wedding comes together. Picture your wedding photos hanging on your wall and go with whatever YOU like!

There are many editing styles of wedding photography, but we are going to focus on the three most popular.

Light and Airy

Dark and moody

True to life

Let’s start with:

Light and Airy style of wedding photography:

With a Light and airy editing style, you can expect to have beautifully crafted light images.  Colors will be edited towards pastels, and cool in temperature, with slightly desaturated colors. These images usually feel whimsical, dreamy, and elegant. Light and airy photographers will typically use only available light (sun) with little if any flash, or light manipulation. The light and airy editing style is used in addition to enhancing what the photographer already captured, in-camera with certain settings, and use of natural light.

My friend Joshua Harrison of Joshua Harrison Photography is an amazing Light and airy wedding photographer located just outside Chicago. Below is one of his wedding images that perfectly describes the light and airy style.


Dark and moody stylesof wedding photography:

Consider this basically the opposite of Light and Airy. Colors will be deep, dark, and vivid. These images will usually feel dramatic, cinematic, and have an artistic vibe, unlike light and airy, colors are rich and warm. This style of wedding photography also is determined long before the editing process, the photographer will look for darker / moodier situations that will allow them to later enhance during the editing process. The image below was purposely captured with dark and moody in mind, then I enhanced with my editing process.

Styles of wedding photography


True to life, style of wedding photography:

Just as the name suggests, true-to-life wedding photography style is what you see with your eye, no manipulation with light, and colors are just as they appear in real life.




styles of wedding photography 

As with many photographers, my personal style of wedding photography has taken me several years to develop and be able to own it! This process involves time and practice, just another reason seasoned wedding photographers like myself require a larger investment than beginner wedding photographers. When a photographer truly finds their style, whether it’s light and airy, true to life, dark and moody, or a combination that is when the magic happens for both the photographer and you!

What does my style consist of?  With being formally trained in fine art I am automatically drawn to the highlights and shadows in real life, getting my inspiration from oil paintings of the renaissance era.  rich dramatic colors, warmer hues, creating emotional, powerful vivid images for my couples.  I do believe true-to-life colors are super important for most of your wedding images! You didn’t spend months picking out the perfect shade of lavender for your bridesmaid’s dresses only to have them look plumb in your wedding album. The same goes with family pictures, mom wants her pink dress to well look pink! Family pictures should be timeless, and I keep them that way, with little to no editing.

But when it’s GO TIME for your wedding Images, that’s when we get creative!

Here are some examples of my before and after images, my goal with editing is to make them POP and give them an artistic vibe. Remember no two weddings are alike, and some styles go better with different venues, lighting, and décor, and there is no one size fits all. Choose a wedding photographer based on what they show in their portfolio, not with the intention of asking them to edit your images differently.


If my style of wedding photography speaks to you, please reach out for a consultation to discuss!