How to look your Best for your Wedding Portraits- Foundations Of Posing

The Foundations of Posing- Yes its an Art 

Hello beautiful!

As a wedding and couples photographer for over 18 years, I have been honored to have helped MANY couples look their absolute best in the wedding/ engagement/ portraits, it is a thrill beyond measures! These foundations of posing are just a few tips I have crafted along the way !

For most couples, the word posing makes them cringe and get nervous right away! Posing is an art, and understandably most couples do indeed get nervous, but relax! I got you 🙂  Most my brides say they chose me not only because I am a lot of fun to be around, but because I am seasoned when it comes to directing them, both is posing, and then creating candid moments that may have not naturally took place!  I have learned my craft, studied from the best, and although my husband thinks this is silly, I am always practicing in the mirror, that way I can lead by example, as I always do!

Honestly, there are a lot of professional photographers that have never learned the skill of posing and directing with intent and expertise. So, if you happen to end up with a photographer for your wedding that does not know how to direct correctly with expertise and intention, here are a few pointers that I would love to share!

I call these the foundations of posing:


Roll shoulders back, this in turn will make you stand up straight, and a much more slimming and confident appearance. Also, if this helps… imagine a string on the top of your head pulling upward. Look at how confident Felicia looks with picture perfect posture for her wedding portraits!

Emily was a pro when it came to posture! Cant you just feel her confidence?


Shift your weight:

Imagine you’re NOT in front of the camera, how do you stand? Many couples get in front of the camera and suddenly get nervous and stiff. But I tell my couples to stand as if I am not there, like they are hanging out, and this seems to help their nerves and appears much more relaxed. Chance and Abigail both did a great job shifting her weight, don’t they look comfortable ?




There are many ways to “pose” your hands, just remember most of the time on your wedding day you be holding a beautiful bouquet, but when your not holding your bouquet, or for your engagement session, I like to direct my brides to ” do something that looks natural, for example : First Erin is holding bouquet with both hands, I then directed her to garb her train of her gown with one hand,  both images are just as beautiful as the other.


Directing my  clients/ friends to fix  their earring or grab their shawl, these all give the hands a purpose. I asked Vann to fix his tie, I then asked Vann’s father to fix Vann’s tie, both giving the hands purpose, and creating a ” candid” moment between father and son that may have not happened.

Place you hand on your fiancé/ husbands’ chest, great way to show off your bling!

Hold hands! After all this is the love of your life !

Holding hands can be fun. silly, and elegant !

I hope you have enjoyed these few posing tips and if you are feeling a bit more confident , that makes me happy ! Stay tuned for more great advice coming your way !

I absolutely love my couples and love the reviews they leave me, gets me all emotional and giddy 🙂