What is an Micro Wedding and how does it differ from an Elopement ?

Hey Beautiful !

Have you considered an elopement of Micro-Wedding instead of a traditional wedding? Here are a few differences that I have found with elopements and Micro-weddings and hope this helps !

Elopements have been known in the past as a quick and spontaneous way for couples to get married, with little or no guest, this may include a trip to the courthouse to get their marriage license, say I do and that’s it!

Now a days Elopements have been on the rise, even before Covid 19 hit. Couples are taking it one step further, they want the ceremony , and to have a handful of family and friends attending ( usually 5 – 10 people) and eloping allowed them to wear the designer dress they feel in love with, and hire the higher end photographer that wanted, as well as an exotic honeymoon!  These couples typically will have their ceremony at an epic location, either near or far, then they would go out to a fancy dinner with the few guests and family, then off to Fiji!

Micro Weddings differ as they contain all the elements of a traditional ceremony, including a gorgeous venue, photographer, cake, décor, and entertainment, many couples choosing to have a small band, or a single guitarist versus a DJ. The main difference from a traditional wedding is that a Micro Wedding is on a smaller scale, with usually less than 50 guests. This all-inclusive experience was designed specifically for couples who desire the simplicity of a small wedding, but still want that traditional, beautiful experience.

Micro weddings are not necessarily for cutting corners, rather to indulge in fine things for your wedding.  With having a smaller guest count you can spoil yourselves, and your guests with extraordinary food, top shelf open bar, and the best wine. Many couples that are choosing to do Micro Weddings value close friends and family, they prefer spending their day with them versus a guest list of 200 people, in which they only know a quarter of them! Micro weddings let you enjoy your tiny cake and eat it too 😊

Well I hope this helped a little! As our country begins to slowly open back up,  in my opinion Micro weddings can be a safe alternative to the traditional wedding as the guest count is generally under 50 people total. My advice? Look forward to your future, start planning! Your love is NOT cancelled.